Facilities & Visitor Berth

Information on Yokohama Bayside Marina facilities, visitor berth guidance and usage fees.


Center House(Head office)
Reception desk and room / Owner's room / Meeting room / Security guard office / Shower rooms / Seamen's Cafe "Pier-1 / Ship Chandler "Core time"
East House
Registration desk / Reception of Charter cruise / Meeting room / Shower rooms
West House
Registration desk / Manages the fuel supply berth and the service center / yard / Travel Lift / Vacuum pump
  • Fuel supply Berth
    We offer a lineup regular gasoline, premium gasoline, and diesel for your boating needs. Our Fuel Berthtr
  • Service center
    Our experienced staff is also on hand to assist you if requested.
  • Maintenance Yard / DIY Yard
    Our maintenance Yard is for maintaining your boats at peak condition out of the water.
    There are 3 high-pressure cleaners for your convenience when maintaining your boat.
  • Travel Lift
    The travel lift is equipped lift your boats promptly and safty. (Up to 20.0m length , 5.5m width , and 60t weight)
  • Vacuum pump
    There are 2 vacuum pumps available at the Fuel Berth connected to a holding tank.
    Use the vacuum pumps to avoid contaminating our beautiful ocean.

We prepare washing machine at each Pier House ,but we do not have adrier and aplace for drying.Please ask to Registration desk when you want to use it.

A dustbin is in the side of each Houses.Please separate according to the indication.

Visitor Berth & Fees

Day time [9:00-17:00]

boat length Usage fee
~25ft2,200 yen
26~32ft3,300 yen
33~40ft4,400 yen
41~50ft5,500 yen
51ft~60ft6,600 yen
61ft~70ft7,700 yen
71ft~80ft8,800 yen
81ft~90ft11,000 yen
91ft~100ft16,500 yen
101ft~110ft22,000 yen
111ft~120ft27,500 yen
Power supply charge (Free transformer rental)1,100 yen
power supply extensioncord2,200 yen/time

Overnight [9:00-next 10:00]

boat length Usage fee
~25ft3,300 yen
26~32ft6,600 yen
33~40ft11,000 yen
41~50ft22,000 yen
51~60ft27,500 yen
61~70ft33,000 yen
71~80ft38,500 yen
81~90ft44,000 yen
91~100ft77,000 yen
101ft~110ft82,500 yen
111ft~120ft88,000 yen
Power supply charge (Free transformer rental)2,200 yen
power supply extensioncord2,200 yen/time