Nearby information


Please ask at Registration desk.9:00-17:00closed on Tuesday.
Everyone expected to call on the public phone
The taxi will pick up you at the front of Center House parking lot, so you should go there by walk after you called.

Kanagawa Association of Independent Taxi Tel.045-755-2121
NK cab Tel.045-752-1351

Change money

We can not accept.Please go to the bank.
US$<-->Japanese yen

Bank of Yokohama Tel.045-772-1221
In front of Shinsugita station.of JR Line.
Other Currency<-->yen
Bank of Yokohama.
In front of Yokohama station branch.
Travel center (1-3-2 Minami-Saiwai Nishiku)
1 min. walks from "Yokohama" stn.Of JR Line.

ATM (automated teller machine)

You can get Yen from your credit card "VISA" at the Kanazawa Shinko center.

Postal matter

Postbox is available in front of Marine Kikaku Bldg. Post office "Nanbu shijyou branch" is marked with 〒 symbol, 15 minuets by walk from marina.
Office hour is 9:00 to 17:00 closed on weekend.


Yokohama City University Hospital Tel.045-787-2800
(3-9 Fukuura, Kanazawaku)
1 min. walks from "Shidai Igakubu" stn. Of Kanazawa Seaside Line
Isogo central & Neurosurgical Hospital Tel.045-752-1212
(1-16-26 Mori Isogoku)
5 min walks from "JR Isogo station"


COSTCO A membership store Tel.045-791-6001
(2-6 Sachiura Kanazawaku)

Berber shop

Natsuko Endo hair salon Tel.045-312-3500
Yokohama BaySheraton Hotel&Towers 6F
(1-3-23 Kitasaiwai Nishiku)